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Bright Horizons Dental – Why You should Try out Zoom Whitening Boca Raton

Why You should Try out Zoom Whitening Boca Raton


People desire to have whiter teeth due to various reasons, especially because of yellowing and staining over time. There is an innovative new procedure known as zoom whitening Boca Raton that promises fast and lasting results for teeth whitening. Attaining whiter teeth can enhance confidence, portray good health, show a vibrant or younger appearance and also reverse discoloration and staining of teeth.


Zoom Whitening Boca Raton Is Fast and Convenient


When you use other less effective teeth whitening procedures at home, it can even take months to start seeing any tangible results. Also, some whitening solutions like white strips demand that you wear them daily for several days, which is quite inconvenient. In contrast, zoom whitening Boca Raton can be finished in just one session of one hour and you will instantly notice the great results as soon as the dental procedure is over.


Zoom Whitening Boca Raton is Very Effective


For people who want completely outstanding teeth whitening, zoom whitening Boca Raton is the best solution. At-home whitening solutions simply do not have enough safe and strong chemicals to produce any noticeable, real and lasting benefits. Rather, most of them have chemicals that simply dye your teeth to give the impression of having whiter teeth without really removing the stains.


For patients, zoom whitening Boca Raton offers easy and fast results. The dental procedure is quite comfortable, and a patient can even relax in intervals as the peroxide is being applied.


Zoom Whitening Boca Raton is a Risk-Free Procedure


Even though minor teeth sensitivity may be experienced after undergoing the zoom whitening Boca Raton, there is no other side effect experienced. Actually, the procedure does not hurt and neither does it result in symptoms or problems. It is the safest way to get your teeth whitened.


Zoom Whitening Boca Raton Will Improve Your Look


Once you complete the zoom whitening Boca Raton procedure, you will finally get the white and clean teeth you have desired. You will be able to smile more and generally lead a happier life without the need of constantly hiding your smile. Your self-confidence will also improve greatly, and that alone makes using zoom whitening totally worth it.


Nearly everyone can gain from having whiter teeth. Having cleaner teeth and a better smile says a lot about you. It is actually among the top things people notice first whenever you meet new people. However, the natural process of aging combined with lifestyle habits, such as food and drinks can discolor and stain the teeth. Zoom whitening Boca Raton can help in renewing your smile by quickly and conveniently whitening your teeth.

Bright Horizons Dental – Why Type in Zoom Whitening Boca Raton?

Why Type in Zoom Whitening Boca Raton?


These days, there are various options which you can choose from when it comes to achieving your brightest smile. Achieving oral health is certainly a lifelong investment as it enhances your self-esteem, and having a robust set of teeth will ensure you’ll be free from related diseases. This is why it’s also important to consider searching up “Zoom Whitening Boca Raton.” Aside from beautifying your smile, its related services can also provide you with holistic dental health.


Quick and Simple Service in Looking for “Zoom Whitening Boca Raton


As you type in Zoom Whitening Boca Raton, you’ll be assured of a simple set of treatment. Zoom’s processes involve oxidizing and evenly spreading some tooth whitening gel on your teeth. In the process, your teeth will eventually get stripped of their stains towards allowing for its natural whiteness to show. Afterwards, the whitening formulation of the gel will then take effect.


A Thorough Series of Treatments


Looking up Zoom Whitening Boca Raton will mean going through several sessions of quick applications and oxidization of one’s teeth. A tray will be used inside your mouth for two weeks, in the process of making sure the gel sticks onto your teeth. While each session will offer instant results, a smooth transition and blending of the gel’s whitening effects will take some time to your whiter teeth will look much more natural.


What Happens Upon Deciding on a Zoom Whitening Boca Raton Search


As you look up for your prospective clinic and set an appointment, you dentist will be examining your oral condition. This should involve the process of ensuring your teeth will be rightly disposed of receiving the treatment. You will also be asked of your specific oral habits and will advise you of some minor lifestyle changes as you go through the series of teeth whitening sessions.


Your Zoom Whitening Boca Raton look up will be worth your efforts when the doctor is particularly thorough about asking your habits and lifestyle. This way, he or she can give you some tangible advice when it comes to adjusting your daily patterns to ensure an effective set of treatments.


Be Open to Dental Work Suggestions


Dental practitioners would understand how teeth whitening processes are one of the important aspects of oral health. This is why you must not be surprised if you may additionally be advised of other treatments for the benefit of your teeth, such as teeth veneers to further even out the surface of your future pearly whites.


You’ll know your Zoom Whitening Boca Raton search has been worthwhile if every aspect of your teeth whitening process has been looked into. This means your dentist will not only be after the quick buck of closing a deal for various Zoom sessions. It will be an exceptional practitioner’s aim to ensure every corner of your teeth will be evened out to properly absorb your gel’s oxidization process.


These are some of the important information which you must consider upon typing in Zoom Whitening Boca Raton. With its benefits and requirements, you must be able to come up with your own standards to make a better decision for your treatment soon.

Bright Horizons Dental – Zoom Whitening Boca Raton: An Effective Way To Remove Teeth Discoloration

Zoom Whitening Boca Raton: An Effective Way To Remove Teeth Discoloration


Zoom Whitening is a process of bleaching generally utilized all through the nation to help remove the discoloration of the dentin and tooth enamel. Tooth staining might come about because of drinking espresso, red wine, cola and tea and also from smoking.  The natural aging may likewise contribute to the tooth discoloration. The Zoom Whitening Boca Raton utilizes the Advanced Power Light that will speed up the process of bleaching the stained teeth.


Zoom Whitening Boca Raton Consultation


Before undergoing Zoom Whitening Boca Raton procedure, your dental specialist will direct a detailed examination of the gums and teeth to guarantee that you are fit for the treatment.  They will also ask about your lifestyle in order to find out if you will benefit from the teeth whitening procedure. This will aid you, and your dental practitioner concurs on the brightening product or method that is ideal for you.  Your dental practitioner might oblige you to have a zoom whitening treatment in the event that you are having other corrective dental methods, like composite bonding and veneers, to guarantee a superior blend between the natural color and the restorative process.


Zoom whitening Boca Raton Procedure


The complete process usually takes around 60 minutes, however, a general cleaning of teeth is prescribed before the Zoom Whitening. The method starts with a short procedure to shield the gums and lips, exposing only the teeth. The dental practitioner or the assistant will then apply the hydrogen peroxide gel, which cooperates with the Zoom lamp to infiltrate the teeth and separate the stains and remove discoloration. The gel ought to remain for around 15 minutes while Zoom light is being activated. During this phase, Zoom Whitening Boca Raton are allowing their clients to unwind and listen to music or watch TV.


The whitening gel will be applied for three sessions for a total of 45 minutes.  People with an anxiety or nervousness might experience slight tingling while they are undergoing the Zoom Whitening Boca Raton. Another gel will be applied on the teeth once the procedure has been completed.


Maintenance after the Zoom Whitening Boca Raton Procedure


The dentist will give you a Zoom Whitening kit that incorporates specially fitted brightening plate. You should follow the instruction of your dentist when using the Zoom Whitening Kit.  To keep up the brightening impacts of your Zoom Whitening Boca Raton, your dental practitioner might encourage you to keep way from specific refreshments and food or in some cases you will be allowed to eat them but only in moderation. This incorporates cola, red wine, coffee, tea and a lot others.


Furthermore, tobacco items will recolor teeth, even when the Zoom Whitening Boca Raton is over. And because of that, your dental practitioner will recommend you to stop smoking. Keep up a proper oral care to avoid the stains from forming.  You should also regularly set an appointment to your dentist if you want to maintain the brightness of your teeth.

Bright Horizons Dental – Reasons You Should Consider Getting Porcelain Crowns in Boca Raton

Reasons You Should Consider Getting Porcelain Crowns in Boca Raton


Tooth damage and tooth decay can have a lot of bad effects to dental health and aesthetics. Not only will the smile will become less appealing, it can also lead to major tooth pain and infections. It is important to meet a porcelain crowns Boca Raton specialist to have the teeth examined and find the right solution for the tooth decay.


Porcelain crowns are recommended when the patient has lost a substantial amount of tooth structure. While there are a lot of crowns to choose from, porcelain crowns are considered the best one around. It allows patients to have their natural tooth, and at the same time preserve the enamel that remains in the tooth.


Dental crowns are caps that are placed on top of the teeth to protect them from damage. When in use, the dental crown strengthens the tooth and prevents further damage on the tooth. It also eliminates any discomfort or pain connected to tooth damage or decay. It encircles the tooth and protects it on all sides. The crown serves as a shield against bacteria to prevent infection and decay.


Porcelain crowns are more durable compared to traditional crowns. The latter are often made of soft metals while the former are made from ceramic that tries to copy the natural strength and appearance of the tooth. When you choose to have porcelain crowns in Boca Raton, other people will not notice that they are crowns because it looks like natural.


Porcelain crowns Boca Raton specialist can ensure that the crowns look like your natural teeth. If you need to have a front tooth capped, then it is recommended to get a porcelain crown. Smile makeovers often utilize porcelain crowns because of the remarkable results they bring. They can be flossed and brushed like a natural teeth.


Another advantage of using porcelain crowns is that they are more durable compared to other types of crowns. They are able to withstand wear and tear caused by chewing and biting. With proper care, patients don’t need to worry about breaking their crowns from daily use. Porcelain crowns can last for ten to 15 years with proper care.


In order to prevent breaking porcelain crowns, you should not chew items that are not meant to be chewed. And when playing contact sports, you should consider wearing mouth protection. These are just some of the ways to avoid going back to the porcelain crowns Boca Raton office for repairs.


Porcelain crowns are molded and shaped to the exact measurements of the mouth. That way they provide a comfortable fit. The average number of visits to porcelain crowns Boca Raton dental clinic is two sessions. But there are some clinics that can make and fit the crown in a single visit.






Bright Horizons Dental – Qualities of a Good Dentist according to the dentists Boca Raton Professionals


Qualities of a Good Dentist according to the dentists Boca Raton Professionals


Many people dread going to the dentists Boca Raton because of various reasons. One of the major reasons is fear of the outcome. If you feel that the dentist will recommend a procedure, which might not be comfortable, your option is to avoid the visit altogether. However, regular visits to the dentist are essential because of oral hygiene. You do not have to avoid the trip to the dentist because of anxiety. You can meet a dentist who meets the following criteria, as recommended by dentists Boca Raton professionals.


A Qualified Dentist


Make sure you have a qualified dentist. The dentists Boca Raton professionals emphasize that a good dentist should be at par with the new advancement in treatment. Furthermore, the practitioner should have a good educational background because dentist treatment plans require skill. In this regard, a qualified dentist can carry out any medical procedure that you require. It is important to note that when you visit your dentists, you might find the assistants. Therefore, it is equally important to ensure that the practitioner has qualified assistants.


Gentle and Empathetic


Mostly, anxiety is the major reason why many people avoid going to the dentist, until when it becomes inevitable. According to dentists Boca Raton professionals, having a gentle and empathetic dentist can reduce your anxiety because the experience will not be very traumatizing. Your dentist should have steady hands. Notably, dental procedures are very articulate and delicate, and a dentist who is not gentle might end up inflicting more pain than necessary.


Communicate Effectively


Dentists Boca Raton professionals affirm that dentists should communicate effectively with their patients. When you visit your dentist, the practitioner should explain the treatment procedure in a nonprofessional’s language. When the dentist gives you the facts as they are, you have the confidence, and you understand what is happening. Dentists who carry out the procedure without offering any explanation can raise the anxiety of the patients. Moreover, effective communication also applies to the staff members. They should communicate examination results effectively.


Be Passionate about Oral Care


It is important to note that a good dentist should have passion for oral care. In fact, dentists Boca Raton professionals maintain that dentists have a role to play in promoting dental hygiene. Your dentist should offer helpful advice on the best oral care. The practitioner should give you healthy tips of how to brush your teeth, flossing and inform you about the risks involved when you neglect your dental hygiene.


The Office Environment


A trip to the dentist is usually a nightmare. It becomes worse if the office is unwelcoming, or it enhances your anxiety instead of calming your nerves. According to dentists Boca Raton professionals, the office ambience can help the patients in the waiting room feel anxious or feel at home. The office should be welcoming, and the staff should be welcoming and friendly.

Bright Horizons Dental – Why Visit Cosmetic Dentists in Boca Raton Florida?

Why Visit Cosmetic Dentists in Boca Raton Florida?


That a good number of people are thinking of every reason to avoid visiting dentists Boca Raton is no lie. No one loves dentists. No matter how ready you feel the thought of a dentist pulling a syringe close to your mouth or plucking one of your molars is not an amusing experience – at least not to everyone. But thanks to technological advancements in the dental care, cosmetic dentists Boca Raton are a pleasant lot to visit. Here are reasons to schedule an appointment with one.


You are guaranteed of straight teeth without the traditional braces. Let’s face it – traditional metal braces are quite embarrassing particularly on an adult. Although they are useful, most adults would rather live with misaligned teeth than go through the hassle of having them.


But thanks to cosmetic dentists Boca Raton, and newer technology, you can now get all your teeth neatly aligned without the juvenile metal braces being a part of your smile. The ingenious solution employs the use of a clear, plastic aligner that gently shifts your teeth into place.


You are also sure of a brighter smile in an hour’s time when you schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist from Boca Raton. You relish your red wine, or tea, or even coffee, but did you know these dark beverages can darken your teeth? This eventually takes a toll on your smile. Fortunately, cosmetic dentists Boca Raton can brighten your smile in less than an hour, by whitening and bleaching your teeth, restoring back the natural white on your dentals.


Do you want a brand new smile that can last till kingdom come? Schedule an appointment with a Boca Raton based cosmetic dentist. They’ll fit you with ultra-thin porcelain veneers (or better yet, lumineers) that can last you twenty years looking as good as new, all year long. Ultra-thin lumineers aptly restore your smile as they keep your existing teeth in good shape and health, as opposed to traditional porcelain veneers that damage existing teeth overtime.


Visiting cosmetic dentists Boca Raton means an end to permanent tooth loss. For how long will you worry or stress about whether your dentures will slip out of place? What about the stigma of missing teeth, do you intend to live with it for the rest of your life? Florida-based dentists can help provide a permanent solution by employing the use of dental implants. The good thing about them, they prevent further damage to surrounding gums and teeth.


Lastly, scheduling an appointment with a cosmetic dentist in Boca Raton assures you of a new smile in a snap, and best of all its painless. Imagine getting a new smile without going through excruciating pain, thanks to technology. A Snap-On Smile is quick and painless. Try dentists Boca Raton today!

Bright Horizons Dental – Dentists Boca Raton


Just like choosing a good doctor, choosing the right dentist is very important that is why you can count on dentists Boca Raton to always come to your aid. If you choose the right dentist, there would be better plans for dental checkups and cleanings. It is a known fact that most people get anxious whenever they visit their dentists for health maintenance but if you have the right dentist at your disposal, everything would be under control. Most people keep postponing their appointments with their dentists for several reasons not until there is a real problem and this is very dangerous. Going for regular checkups will help your dentist find out if there is a potential problem before it gets out of hand.

There are certain factors to consider when choosing a dentist like: making sure that your dentist shows concern whenever you visit for an appointment. Ensure that your dentist takes time to look at your x-ray if needed and examine your teeth as well. Always ask for explanations when the dentist takes examinations on you so as to know what to expect from your results. You should always make sure that your dentist is prevention oriented. Whenever you go for checkups, make sure your dentist examines your teeth, gums, tongue, lips, skin and neck and you should make sure he checks for bone damages or decay and swelling on the limp nodes.

Finding the right dentist is important because if you get the wrong one, you will only complicate your teeth problem. A good dentist like dentists Boca Raton will help you follow through with plans for checkups and cleanings not like the bad ones. When looking for a dentist, if you come in contact with a dentist that is not willing to meet with you or talk to you, then you will be certain that that dentist is not the right one for you.

It is only fair that you discuss matters concerning your treatments before agreeing to employ a potential dentist. A good dentist would understand that you have every right to understand what’s going on so he should be able to tell you everything about the questions you have in mind. When you ask a dentist to show you his credentials before employing his services, the dentist should not be annoyed. In fact he should be proud to tell you how qualified he is that is why you should make the right choice by choosing dentists Boca Raton.

Bright Horizons Dental – Emergencies Boca Raton

Emergency dental care Boca Raton

Having an emergency dental care Boca Raton problem? In this article you will be able to read a couple of aspects that will help you discover the best dentist in your local town. A good dentist will give interest to all of his/her patients and their health. A good doctor will always recommend you to do an x-ray before starting the proceedings, even if you are dealing with a simple cavity. Moreover, he/she will recommend a panoramic radiograph to see the rest of the patient`s problems that they are unaware of.  Another thing you have to consider carefully would be the fact that the dentist that you choose should get involved and explain all the available treatment plans so that you will be able to choose according to your bugdet.

Another important aspect to be taken into consideration is the recommendation. Ask for your friends or co-workers opinions. See what other patients say about the dentist that you are going to visit. Check on their website or other associated websites where their names is listed and take a close look at the dental office: if it is clean, if the room is pleasant etc. Each patient should stay away from the dentist who sells vitamins or supplements that are supposed to treat headaches, back pains and so on and the dentists that can diagnose heavy metal toxicity in the body or diseases other than those associated with emergency dental care Boca Raton.

The time you spend in the waiting room should be short, and the waiting room should not be packed with patients. The doctor must respect your appointment, your time and themselves through good organization and adequate time dedicated to each patient, so that the service provided is of high quality from both the professional and the doctor-patient human relationships point of view. Of course, the patient must also respect the doctor`s time and come to the appointment as scheduled. There are patients who believe that if the waiting room of the dental office is not overflowing with patients, the doctor is not good. This is totally wrong! The dentist should pay close attention to each emergency dental care Boca Raton case!

There are few patients that are not afraid to go to the dentist. Not all, but a large majority are afraid of the dentist because in their previous visits to a dental office, their problems were solved without anesthesia. Today, when we have unlimited access to high quality anesthetics, practically all labors should be accompanied by anesthesia and should be painless. With the anesthesia made, the patient will feel that each doctor has a really soft hand and that it is possible to perform dentistry without inflicting pain on the patient. This is the way in which every emergency dental care Boca Raton problem should be solved.

The hygiene of the cabinet is another important aspect. Unfortunately, the patient has no way of verifying whether sterilization was done properly or not and if the doctor respects all the necessary measures to prevent a cross infection. However, the dentist can observe the overall aspect of the cabinet and the minimum measures of protection: the dentist should ware new gloves for every patient, a mask and gown. Moreover, the dentist should work with packed and sterilized tools that he will unpack in front of the patient, especially if we are talking about emergency dental care Boca Raton.

The treatment performed by the dentist should last a long period of time. A well placed dental filling will not fall down after a few days, weeks or months. Unfortunately, this is something that the patient can`t find out ahead of the treatment session, unless the doctor was recommended by other patients that were treated there for several years and are really pleased with the long-term results. It will take up to 45 minutes to place a dental filling properly. Another important aspect that you need to consider when searching for the best dentist in your town would be the period of time that your dentist allows you to ask some questions. It is somewhat incomprehensible that so many patients ask questions related to emergency dental care Boca Raton problems on various forums, instead of asking their own dentist directly.

Finding the best dentist for you and your family is practically a major aspect of your life, regardless if you like it or not. Whenever you encounter an emergency dental care Boca Raton situation, you have to be prepared to solve it in the best way possible.


Bright Horizons Dental – Dental Emergencies Boca Raton


How to solve dental emergencies Boca Raton the easy way

Children or adults, young or old, we all need to find a good dentist who can help use with dental emergencies Boca Raton. A professional dentist can also help us achieve optimal oral health and a beautiful smile. Finding a good dentist is very important for the long-term health of your teeth. However, it seems that the regular visits to the dentist`s office will become increasingly more accessible for your pocket. Like with any other part of your body, prevention is the key for your oral health. It is much more important to prevent a particular dental problem than to treat it.

Considering the development of technologies and techniques in the dental field, we can say that the treatments are becoming more and more efficient and accessible for everybody. When these technologies and techniques are being used by the best dentists, they can help us solve numerous dental emergencies Boca Raton. Here is a set of signals that will “tell” you the fact that you need a really good dentist:

Your teeth have become sensitive to thermal factors

You already have: fillings, dental crowns or implants

Your gums are puffy and bleeding when you are brushing or flossing your teeth

You experience pain or swelling

You have trouble chewing or swallowing different aliments

You manifest halitosis or xerostomia, and your mouth is constantly dry

You smoke or use other tobacco based products

You have developed an abscess on one of the gums

You present different conditions associated with your: immune system – diabetes or HIV/AIDS, vascular system – heart disease.

You are going through a difficult period: radio or chemotherapy, or hormone therapy.

You know your family medical history in periodontal or cariogenic problems.

Your child suffers from a neuropsychological syndrome, or

You are pregnant and want to solve some dental emergencies Boca Raton.

Now even if you do not show any of these symptoms, it is still important to visit a good dentist as often as you can. The dental hygienist plays a very important role in the health of your mouth. In case of a visit to the office, it is important to schedule your appointment at a convenient hour, both for you and your dentist. To benefit from the services of a good dentist, it is highly recommended to search all the lists with this kind of services, including those that you find on the web for dental emergencies Boca Raton.

However, you should not choose a dentist based solely on the recommendations, since it is very important to meet with your specialist beforehand. Why you have to take so many precautions? Because a dental treatment is customized for excellence! Each and every individual has different dental emergencies Boca Raton, so the dentist should be prepared to solve each one without any exceptions. In this context, finding a good dentist is almost mandatory. Try to build a strong relationship with your dental hygienist or dentist.

A good dentist can help substantially to combat gum/periodontal diseases. The best dentist would be interested in your oral health on a personal level. He should self-motivate in order to provide you the best care. The best dentists are also focused on prevention, although they will not necessarily be followers of a particular trend. To solve your dental emergencies Boca Raton, you will have to establish a strong dentist-patient relationship with the help of the following tips:

You will have to agree with the date and time when you were scheduled

The clinic or dental office should be near your home or work place

The dentist should implement your medical history in a permanent file

The dentist must use protection gloves and masks

The personnel should introduce you to the old and new techniques involved in the dental hygiene

You have to be informed of any disadvantages related to one procedure or another

The dentist should plan a schedule for dental emergencies Boca Raton with you

You have the necessary information on the costs and tariff plans charged by that office or clinic

You already possess information regarding the dentist`s experience

Moreover, you will have to ask your dentist or hygienist for more details related to the procedures used in the present days. This will help you to get rid of the fear of visiting a dental office. Again, we must say that specialists or non-specialists such as: dentists and dental surgeons can perform a particular intervention, but they cannot interfere in the domains where they are not 100% qualified. For example, bone grafts or sinus augmentations are serious dental emergencies Boca Raton and they can be performed by a periodontist.  However, this is a really complicated procedure for a usual dental hygienist.

Bright Horizons – Dental Crowns Boca Raton

FAQ’s About Dental Crowns Boca Raton Locals Should Know The Answers To

Q: Do I actually need a dental crown?

A: It really depends on your situation, but generally speaking, if a dentist tells you that a dental crown is necessary, he’s not lying. There are a lot of situations where a dental crown is absolutely necessary. They are used when doing large fillings, as the final part of a root canal, and to help alleviate pain due to a cracked tooth. If you have been wearing down your teeth, or if you have been trying to improve the look of your teeth, dentists offering dental crowns Boca Raton locals have been calling up are the people you want to talk to.

Q: How much will said dental crown cost?

A: The price of dental crowns will vary depending on a bunch of different factors, including where you get it done, which tooth you’re getting capped, and whether or not you have dental insurance. We highly suggest checking several different dentists’ pricing before you make a decision on who does your dental crowns if you are on a very tight budget. It’s also a good idea to invest in dental insurance, simply due to the fact that dental crowns Boca Raton dentists offer are generally covered by one or two choice plans.

Depending on where you get it done, which tooth it is, and whether or not it’s part of a cosmetic procedure, you will have to spend anywhere from $600 to $2000 for a single crown.

Q: Is this going to hurt?

A: Anesthetic is used in every dental crowning process, so once you have the shot, you’re not going to feel anything. Once the anesthetic wears off, some people may feel a little light soreness, but it’s really nothing to worry about at all.

Q: I’m pregnant. Should I wait to get a dental crown?

A: The good thing about getting dental crowns is that technology has improved in the past couple dozen years, and that means that the materials that have been used in dental crowns in Boca Raton will not pose a risk to expecting mothers. Still, most dentists will say that it’s ideal to wait if possible as to not put undue stress on the mother and child. However, many dental crown procedures are absolutely necessary, and must be done as soon as possible. So, if it’s possible to wait, do so. If it’s not…then don’t wait.

Q: How long do dental crowns last, anyway?

A: There is some good news about getting dental crowns in Boca Raton. Once you have received a dental crown, you will not have to have it replaced for another 10 to 20 years. In many cases, the crown may last even longer. So, while it can be a bit pricey, it will not be a procedure you’ll have to repeat again for quite some time.

Q: Are there any complications with Boca Raton dental crowns?

A: The vast, vast majority of people will not have any complications involving dental crowns. However, if the crown is not placed correctly, you may end up with a permanently inflamed nerve. This will require a root canal to fix. However, it’s important to stress that this is a very, very rare occurrence and will most likely not happen to you.