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Bright Horizons Dental – Facts About Boca Raton Dentists

Facts About Dentists Boca Raton Locals Should Know

When it comes to great dentists, Boca Raton is a goldmine. A simple call to your insurance provider will yield a massive list of dentists Boca Raton locals can count on for everything from root canals to cosmetic work. Here are some important facts about dentists Boca Raton locals should know.

  1. It is illegal to perform dentistry without a license. Always look for a dentist who is qualified, licensed and certified. Not only is going to an unlicensed dentist illegal, but it’s also a good way to end up with more damage than you began with. We also encourage you to report illegal dentist practices, because it could potentially save a life as well as a good smile.
  2. 23 million Americans do not have health insurance geared towards dental health. Don’t feel bad if you’re uninsured. You’re not alone! The good news is that dental health insurance is cheap, and there are plans out there that are no-wait. If you still don’t want to buy dental insurance, don’t fret. There are many dentists who have very low prices for procedures in Boca Raton. A good price comparison shopping check will do wonders for your personal budget.
  3. Experts suggest going at least twice a year for a checkup and/or cleaning. Routine checkups and cleanings can prevent gingivitis, as well as other major dental diseases. There have been many patients who have caught and treated oral cancer before it spread thanks to a regular dentist visit.
  4. Tooth whitening isn’t good for your teeth, and can burn your mouth if done incorrectly. Many cosmetic dentists Boca Raton houses will advise against tooth whitening if you have sensitive teeth due to the bleach that is used in the process. If you do decide to get a whiter smile synthetically, let a licensed dentist do the work, and not an assistant. You will likely have less damage done to your teeth that way.
  5. The reviews about dentists Boca Raton residents have used might be fake unless you go to a site that works hard at “faux-proofing” their reviews. Many companies, dentists included, will pay people a fee to leave a positive review on sites like Google Places. The best way to avoid being duped into going to a dentist that isn’t worth your time or money is to go on sites like Angie’s List, where it’s harder to falsify reviews. Better still is to trust friends’ recommendations and warnings. As with all things on the net, let the buyer beware!

There are many strange quirks to dentistry that most people do not know, nor do they really need to. However, if you are looking into finding new dentists in Boca, or if you’re mulling over the idea of getting cosmetic dentistry for yourself, you do need to educate yourself. It’s your mouth, your smile, and your wallet. Do you really want to risk that by not reading up on the real facts?